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Apr 13

Angelite Voices and Huun-Huur-Tu - Legend

Mar 16

Mar 10
“The main reason why you may not be enjoying yourself at a given time is a result your self being unenjoyable—how your self is perceiving.” me

Mar 9

serpentmadness asked: It's funny. Sometimes, when I'm in the mood I dig up the old PvP movies I still have on my external drive and look up what became of those players back in 07/08. And now I found you, my back then favorite rogue player from whom I adapted also up to rank1 at a EU pool, to be also involved into enlightenment of the mind, psychology and philosophy. Small world, I guess...


Blue Sky Black Death - Ghosts Among Men

Mar 5

Sweek - Everybody takes the plane

Mar 3

“We are very attached to this idea; that having what we want will bring us happiness. It is actually that grasping, that attachment that causes suffering.”

Mar 2

Feb 27

Feb 24

Feb 23


Anand spent 1:43 mins on 4th move in world blitz semi-final ?!

Feb 22

Feb 12

“If you are not inspired to discipline yourself, then you are hopeless.”

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